Making Calls

RingCentral Office™

How it Works

Making a Call

Power your business with comprehensive outbound voice and fax.

Get free unlimited nationwide calling and faxing

    1. RingCentral Office gives your company unlimited long distance minutes* throughout the US and Canada.
    2. RingCentral also provides competitive business international calling rates.
    3. Give your employees the freedom to send as many documents and to do business as often as they need.

Use RingCentral IP Phones or existing phones and fax machines

    1. Business-class IP phones ship pre-configured—make calls as soon as they arrive.
    2. ATA adapters incorporate legacy analog phones and fax machines to your business phone system.

Call using your office number from any phone

    1. RingCentral mobile applications let you make calls from your smartphone while showing your business number as the caller id.
    2. RingCentral Call Controller and RingOut from the web let you make calls using your business number from any computer.
    3. Just call your RingCentral number, enter your password, and place an outbound call using your business number from any phone in the world.