Cloud-based Business Phone Systems

At one time companies turned to hardware-based systems for basic telephone services, such as call forwarding or call conferencing, because there was no other option. But for today’s small businesses, on-premise PBX simply are not practical. They are expensive and difficult to maintain. With a traditional PBX, for example, you must hire a professional to perform simple tasks, such as adding or removing lines. PBX are also designed for centralized offices, so they can’t integrate home or mobile phones.

A cloud-based business phone system, on the other hand, uses the Internet to deliver all the features of an on-premise PBX minus the costly setup and the bulky hardware. And since the Internet isn’t bound to a specific location, a cloud-based PBX seamlessly integrates multiple locations and remote employees. It also works with your existing phones and mobile devices, so you can work from your office, or take your office with you wherever you work.

What is RingCentral Office??

Get a complete cloud-based VoIP business phone system that eliminates expensive on-premise equipment, includes ready-to-use phones, and provides enterprise-class functionality with RingCentral Office. No setup fees. No contracts required. Instant activation. Use RingCentral Office as your business phone system.??Set up your phone system to work the way you do. Get the business phone system, voice and fax features you need. Integrate office, mobile, and distributed employees under Manage calls, voicemail, and faxes from your mobile phone.

– Eliminate setup costs and complex installation
– Significantly reduce ongoing operating costs
– Add users and phones any time.

Build your system based on the number of users or lines

– One user – $49.99/mo per user
– Four users – $24.99/mo per user
– Ten users – $22.99/mo per user
– Twenty or more users – $19.99/mo per user with 24 month contract
– Add users for only $24.99/mo

Each RingCentral Office plan includes

– All business phone system features
– Unlimited calling and faxing anywhere in the US and Canada
– Unlimited calls and faxes to your local numbers
– BONUS 1000 toll-free minutes/mo
– 1 local or toll-free main company number
– 1 local or toll-free fax number
– 1 local number per user
– Free 24/7 customer support
– Account advisers that help setup your phone system, at no cost