CleanOutPCMonday, February 8, 2016 is Clean out Your Computer Day, so take some time over the next few weeks and clean up all the junk that has gathered on your computers over the last year. Clean out, delete or archive programs, files and emails you know you are never going to use or reference again.

Grant-Tech has some great preventative maintenance services and solutions available to automate this process. Give us a call (773) 675-1423 or fill out a service request to have one our customer service representatives setup a date and time for an onsite or remote technical support service call.

Thought you might like this additional information relating to Extending your computers life.

Computers slow down as they age, and replacing old equipment can be expensive to replace every few years, one way to extend the life of your computer to perform regular monthly or quarterly preventive maintenance.

Clean and well maintained computers run faster for longer periods of time. By optimizing performance and proactively maintaining the health of your computers you can minimize downtime. Grant-Techs preventive maintenance program gives you the ability to lengthen your computers lifespan and significantly reduces problems and repairs that can happen over time.

Grant-Techs Computer Preventative Maintenance Program will

  1. Professionally clean and remove all unwanted internet, recycle bin, temporary files.
  2. Professionally clean and repair any registry errors, and remove those entries that are no longer used or needed.
  3. Professionally clean and remove all unwanted cookies and other files that are still hanging around on your computer that you do not need and will never use again.
  4. and a ton more