Exclusive “32” Step – Tune-Up and Optimization System

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  1. Pre Tune-Up and Optimization Activities
    1. Clear All Event Logs
    2. Generate All Reports
  2. Tune-Up and Optimization Phase 1
    1. Time Setting Check
      1. Time Zone Check
      2. Internet Time Sync
    2. Check Desktop and Start Menu Shortcuts
    3. Check for Orphan Directories in Program Files
    4. Reset Internet Explorer (IE) to Defaults if necessary
    5. Optimize Internet Explorer (IE) for performance
    6. Optimize Start up files
    7. Optimize Transition Control Protocol (TCP) for fine tuning network card settings
  3. Tune-Up and Optimization Phase 2
    1. Delete and Remove all System Temp Files
    2. Delete and Remove all Internet Temporary Files
    3. Delete and Remove all Internet Explorer (IE) Cookies
    4. Delete and Remove all Internet Explorer (IE) History
    5. Delete any Unnecessary Windows Updates and Service Pack uninstall directories
    6. Purge and Remove all Unnecessary System Restore Files (Only Keeps the last 3 restore files)
    7. Delete and Remove all Unnecessary Internet Explorer (IE) Toolbars
    8. Delete and Remove all Unnecessary Internet Explorer (IE) Browser Helper Objects
    9. Empty All Unnecessary files from the Recycle Bin
  4. Tune-Up and Optimization Phase 3
    1. Repair and Remove all Unused Registry File Entries
    2. Perform a De-fragmentation of all System Files (If necessary)
    3. Perform a De-fragmentation of all System Startup Files
    4. Perform a De-fragmentation of the System Paging File and Registry Reboot
  5. Tune-Up and Optimization Phase 4
    1. Hardware Testing
      1. Test Audio
      2. Test Webcam
      3. Test Hard Disk
      4. Test Battery
    2. Stress Testing
      1. Memory and Processor Stress Testing
      2. Reboot Optimization Testing
  6. Post Tune-Up and Optimization
    1. Install Grant-Tech Automated Regular Maintenance Application for regular customer use
    2. Apply all Custom Windows Update Settings
    3. Create a System Restore Point

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